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Watch The Video Recap of Oye's Juneteenth Virtual Town Hall

Who Is Oye?

Welcome to the official home of Dr. Oye Owolewa, DC's U.S. Representative-elect.

Oye is a DC licensed pharmacist who's committed to the community. Since beginning his pharmacy career in 2014, Oye has spent his free time volunteering in DC public schools. In 2018, he was elected commissioner of his neighborhood in SouthEast DC. Lastly, Oye has been an advocate for DC statehood, leading to his run to be your next representative.

He launched TaxFreeDC as a movement to combat DC's taxation without representation. TaxFreeDC declares that until DC statehood is achieved, DC's tax revenue shall no longer go to the federal government. Oye believes our money belongs here for DC priorities instead of going to a government that fails to recognize us.

Did you Know?

Washington, DC is the only US territory whose residents pay federal taxes.

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