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The U.S. Representative

      Representative Adeoye "Oye" Owolewa is a proud Nigerian-American born in Boston, Massachusetts. His parents, born and raised in Nigeria, raised him with two guiding principles, a value in community service and an early exposure to science. This exposure became a love for science, culminating in him achieving a Doctorate of Pharmacy.
      Upon graduation, he moved to the District of Columbia to practice in 2014. He currently resides in Ward 8 and has used his time in DC to get to know his community by becoming involved in local politics. He volunteers at the neighborhood elementary schools to get kids interested in STEM. Representative Oye also spends his free time volunteering and educating local DC students within the STEM

      Rep. Oye has advocated for DC Statehood since his inception in politics, and now as your elected US Representative for the District of Columbia, a millennial, advocate, and a second-generation American he will fight for equality for all DC residents by evolving the fight for DC Statehood. Representative Oye has recognized from the start of his political career, fighting for DC statehood was not only fighting for justice, but also a necessity for the equity of DC residents. As the US Representative for the District of Columbia, statehood advocate,
and a second-generation American he is dedicated to fighting the
equality of DC residents as well as improving the lives of


Champion for DC Statehood

Rep. Oye has dedicated his energy to educate and advocate for DC Statehood and Equality. He participated in the historic March 2019 Lobby Day which resulted in a majority of the House of Representatives supporting DC Statehood for the first time in American history. 

Rep. Oye has hosted the first-ever DC Statehood Super Car Rally, co-presented over 10+ panels, advocated on talk radio in several states, and has lobbied with WV State Representatives to successfully introduce the DC Statehood Resolution on the WV floor. With the District as close to achieving DC Statehood as it has ever been before, Rep. Oye is committed and dedicated to crossing us over the finish line!


The Public Servant

Rep. Oye was elected Commissioner of his neighborhood in Southeast DC in 2018. In this role as the Ward 8 ANC, he served as the medium between the community and the local government. Rep. Oye worked to bring resources to the underserved by advising DC lawmakers with continual community feedback.

Rep. Oye most notably achieved increased science enrichment programs in Southeast elementary schools, added traffic safety measures, and helped to bring a Senior Day Center to the neighborhood. Through his time as an ANC member for Ward 8, Rep. Oye learned the value of being an advocate and fostering community resources for his residents.


The Healthcare Titan

As a full-time Pharmacist serving the DC community at the local Safeway on Capital Hill, Rep. Oye has personally vaccinated over 5,000 residents. He has participated in over 15+ health fairs and mobilized Pharmacy students to host pop-up clinics to meet the need. 

Having served as the only elected Healthcare Provider in the District, Rep. Oye has pushed for vaccine accessibility when DC residents were most vulnerable. Rep. Oye has utilized this elected office as a platform to amplify the voices of our trusted, everyday Healthcare Providers to refine health policy to better serve our public. 

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