Meet Oye

Oye Owolewa is DC's U.S. Representative-elect. He fights for equality and DC statehood.

The Man

Oye is a first-generation Nigerian-American. His parents, born and raised in Nigeria, raised him with 2 guiding principles, a value in community service and an early exposure to science. This exposure became a love for science, culminating in him achieving a
Doctorate of Pharmacy.

The Educator

Upon completing his degree in pharmacy, Oye moved to DC to begin practicing pharmacy and impacting the community. Since 2014, he’s been a member of RESET, a coalition of STEM professionals who volunteer in public schools, engaging students through hands-on science experiments. his goal is to inspire young people to pursue STEM careers and become tomorrow’s scientists.

The Community Advocate

In 2018, Oye was elected commissioner of his neighborhood in Southeast DC. In this position, he served as the medium between the community and the local government.


Oye worked to bring resources to the underserved by advising DC lawmakers based on continued community feedback.


Some of Oye’s most notable achievements were increasing science enrichment programs in Southeast elementary schools, adding traffic safety measures and helping bring a Senior Day Center to the neighborhood.


As commissioner, Oye learned the value of being an advocate and community resource.

The Champion for Statehood

Oye has dedicated his energy to educate and advocate for DC statehood and equality.


He participated in the historic March 2019 lobby day, resulting in a majority of the House of Representatives supporting DC
Statehood for the first time in American history.


Soon after, Oye took his efforts to Annapolis where he joined the effort to end big money’s impact on our lawmaking. DC’s as close as it’s ever been to being a state and Oye is here to finish the fight.

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