100 Day Plan

  The newly elected U.S. Representative for the District of Columbia. Rep Dr. Oye fights for equality and DC statehood.


US Representative Owolewa’s 100 day plan outlines the focus areas and programs he would like to implement for DC residents. In light of the events on January 6, 2021where our national’s capitol was under attack, US Rep Dr. Oye’s 100 Day plan has changed from focusing on DC Statehood. It has evolved to reach beyond DC Statehood to the new beginnings of the Douglass Commonwealth. Now is the time for DC residents to be heard and democracy to be restored for us all. US Representative Owolewa and his team are ready for the fight to #takebackamerica in these first 100 days.

Focus Area

DC Statehood

When sworn in on January 2, 2021 US Rep Dr. Oye took an oath to represent the residents of DC. The sole purpose in the office of US Representative is to make DC the 51st state of the United States of America. The events at the capitol on January 6, 2021 will go down in history, the violence that ensued called on DC officials, the federal authorities, capital police and several jurisdictions to be called upon because DC is not a state. 


COVID 19 Vaccine Plan

As a healthcare professional US Rep Dr. Oye has seen the increase in need of COVID  relief firsthand. Working as a pharmacist and administering flu shots for years he understands the need to provide preventative solutions. He would like to develop a COVID-19 vaccine plan to educate DC residents on availability and need to be vaccinated. However, US Rep Dr. Oye believes that having a COVID-19 vaccine plan will prevent further loss of life and allow the residents of DC to start to feel some hope  again.

Local Outreach and Organizing

Local organizations in the DMV area have been working on DC statehood for years, some decades. As the US Representative, Dr. Oye begins his first 100 days he is also thinking of how to join the fight. Organizing political groups, stakeholders, residents, etc. is no easy feat. Therefore, it will take a team to accomplish our goal of DC Statehood in the first 100 days. Groups like DC Vote, 51 for 51, students for DC Statehood, League of Women Voters, etc. that have been fighting for DC Statehood, US Rep Dr. Oye is focused on supporting these efforts. 

Program Areas

Ward Constituency Services Program (WCS)

The goal of the Ward Constituency Services Program is to be connected to the heartbeat of DC. Utilizing the local ANC members and democratic parties we will appoint Ward Constituency Service Representatives. These individuals will represent each of the 8 wards in DC. The tasks for the Constituency Service Representative (CSR) is to bring the concerns, suggestions and questions of DC resident’s to the US Rep’s office.


Diaspora Affairs Coalition (DAC)

As a Nigerian American, US Rep Dr. Oye is known as part of the diaspora. However, the diaspora encompasses all races of people living outside of their native countries. Whether you are African, Asian, Latino or Caribbean you are part of the diaspora. In DC there are hundreds of countries represented, their embassies and ambassadors however they are also DC residents. These residents represent the diaspora in DC and deserve to be represented in Congress by building a strong coalition to fight for the same rights as all Americans.


Healthcare Professionals in Policy Program (HPP)

US Rep Dr. Oye is a healthcare professional (a practicing pharmacist) and an elected official.  As we have seen around the world these two professions have been forced to align due to COVID 19. Through the HPP program there will be a team of healthcare professionals assembled through Us Rep Dr. Oye's network to understand the politics of healthcare and how to get their voices heard in the process.