Why DC Statehood?

Despite living in a U.S territory, DC residents still pay federal income tax. DC also depends on Congress to pass its laws and emergency bills, unlike other states. Oye is fighting to change that. Learn more about why we need DC statehood now more than ever.

Oye Owolewa is DC's U.S. Representative-elect. He fights for equality and DC statehood.

DC Statehood

Frequently asked questions

Lack of Voting Representation

Currently, DC residents lack voting representation in Congress. While DC residents pay the highest taxes per capita, we lack input in the national lawmaking process. For example, in the case of our fight against the coronavirus, DC residents are unable to elect leaders who can pass laws to increase paid sick leave coverage, unemployment protections and health care expansions. Once DC becomes a state, DC elected officials can bring our values and perspectives to the national law making process.

Making Laws in DC

Right now, laws passed in DC must go through Congress for final approval. While every governor can immediately pass emergency bills to protect residents, DC leadership does not have that ability. Once DC becomes the 51st state, laws can be passed in DC without federal intervention.

DC Budget Autonomy

Similar to DC law, the District's budget has to be approved by the federal government. Out of state congress members have final say on how we spend our hard earned money. Once DC becomes a state, DC can allocate funds without needing federal approval.

DC control of the National Guard

The Army's National Guard is a community based military branch who mainly operate during conflict or national disasters. Normally, the National Guard report to the governor of its respective state. Currently, President Trump controls DC's National Guard. Once DC becomes a state, our local leaders can deploy the National Guard responsibly.

Governor relationship with White House

Right now, the White House works closely with governors to implement policy. Without a governor, DC residents don't have an elected official taking part in this planning process with the President. Once DC becomes a state, residents will have representation to discuss programs that benefit us.

Stand with Oye in the fight for DC statehood and equality!

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