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Restoring Shepherd Park on Malcolm X Day

May 16, 2022


Washington, DC – To commemorate Malcolm X Day on Thursday, Mary 19, 2022, Representative Oye Owolewa will be joining forces with ANC 8C Chairman Salim Adofo to leaddozens of volunteers to restore Ward 8’s Shephard Park (located on the intersection of MalcolmX Blvd SE and Martin Luther King Ave SE). Shepherd Park, a historical landmark dating back tothe Civil War, has been reduced to an unkept space often home to drug use and crime. Forexample, 6-year-old Nyiah Courtney was shot and killed at a liquor store just yards away fromShephard Park less than a year ago. After waiting years for the government to beautifyShephard Park, Rep. Oye and Chairman Adofo plan to conduct a community clean up andcreate a community garden. The goal of this event is to inspire more DC residents to getinvolved in community service and take ownership of the presentation of our public spaces.

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