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US Representative. Community Leader. Pharmacist. 

Rep. Oye works front in center to ensure all DC residents are afforded progressive representation for matters that matter most to them. The District deserves safe roadways and neighborhoods, relevant policy and procedures, and a needle-point focus on public health. 


Preserving Rights


Public Health


DC Statehood

As your US Representative, my role is dedicated to the achievement of DC Statehood. Following the work behind our predecessors, we plan to evolve our fight for Statehood. We will continue to gather official support of DC Statehood, outside the District. We have successfully introduced the DC Statehood Resolution on the WV State floor and will promote our efforts across state lines. We are committed to achieve support one state at a time and make DC Statehood a national press matter. 

Health & Safety

As your only elected Healthcare Provider in the District of Columbia, my experience working on the frontlines during the pandemic taught me the value of representation in policy. Our office started the Healthcare Providers in Policy program where everyday Healthcare Professionals can levy their real-world experiences to influence healthcare policy through this office. We are proud to have participated and hosted in over 15 health fairs, co-led over 12 panels, built a partnership with Howard University School of Pharmacy, petitioned MD elected officials to offer vaccine reciprocity to DC residents which followed with the Greenbelt site. We are only scratching the surface in our plan to create a health and safety network for our residents to count on. 


As your US Representative, we have worked to provide resources and experiences for DC residents from day one. We have participated in over 8 student-led organization engagements across the country. We raised nearly $5,000 as a community to support transitioning Afghan families to DC with 600+ meals in partnership with an African-American, locally owned catering company. We have picked up to 3,000 lbs of trash with Ward 8 Woods. We routinely visit elementary schools and expose young minds to science and related careers. We work with tenant associations to assist in affordable housing. Our office is committed to providing relief and much needed services to our District. 

Advocacy & Policy

As your US Representative, we have championed the preservation of healthcare rights from women's reproductive rights to gender-affirming care for Trans Youth. We support decriminalizing drug possession and investing into wraparound rehabilitation services to offering home confinement sentences for nonviolent inmates. We put our energy into advocacy of policy that matters to our constituents and impacts their living conditions. Our office believes in championing student loan debt elimination, passing the Equality Act, defending our environment, and adopting "Medicare 4 All" nationally. 

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