Oye's Vision

Oye Owolewa is DC's U.S. Representative. He fights for equality and DC statehood.

Oye's vision on key issues


Achieve DC Statehood

DC residents, lacking full voting representation, are treated as second class citizens in the richest nation in history. Oye will help solve this by helping DC become the 51st state so residents can enjoy full representation and live our lives free from federal intervention.



DC residents pay the most in taxes, but lack voting representation in Congress. As a result, our federal income tax revenue help fund national policies we have no input on. Until DC becomes a state, our tax revenue should no longer go to the federal government, but should stay here in DC to fund local priorities.


Address Income Equality

The richest 1% of US households control 40% of American wealth. Oye believes in strategies to fairly redistribute American wealth. For example, he supports a living wage of at least $15 per hour to ensure all Americans have an opportunity to live with dignity.


Immigration Includes Africans

Growing up a first generation Nigerian-American, I understand the hard work and contributions made by immigrants. Today, our "leaders" disrespect Black and Brown countries (including Nigeria) by instituting meritless travel bans. Once elected, I'll fight to end these travel bans and other discriminatory practices, create a clear path to citizenship and celebrate the cultural value and economic contributions immigrants make to American society.


Criminal Justice Reform

Today's American criminal justice system targets minorities and poverty stricken communities with surgical precision. With police shootings of innocent black men to no knock warrants that kill innocent black women we must change our way of thinking. From prison reform and re-entry programs to police training and first responder supportive services, giving our citizens a safer place in the communities they live and work is a top priority.


End Big Money Influence on our law-making

Lobbyists, banks, large corporations, and the billionaire class control our lawmakers through large contributions. Oye wants to end this power grip so our laws will benefit all Americans and not just the wealthiest. Oye also strongly supports legislation prohibiting elected officials from profiting while in office.